Tofu and Soy Milk Industry


Tofu has been around since 960 AD. While the industry has been around for this time providing tried and true methods of manufacture, but our modern facility is designed and operated with both the modern and traditional Tofu and Soy milk manufacturer in mind. We know soy beans and we know that bean, condition, variety and presentation are just some of the aspects that we consider to provide you with a raw material you will be happy to work with. Organic or Conventional we are ready to meet your needs.

We also have a range of other ingredients that can be used for enhancing or altering protein or flavour levels.

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Ingredient Range

Soy Proteins

Product Description Function / Application
Isolated Soy Soy Protein Fortification for liquid meals and supplement drinks
Soy Flour Defatted Defatted Soy Flour Fortification for liquid meals and supplement drinks
Soy MP Powdered Milk from Soy Isolate Lightly flavoured smooth mouth feel. Make soy milk without the waste and with less equipment. Just add water then mix.
Soy MP Concentrate Powdered Milk from Soy Isolate Like the soy MP but oil and water is added by the customer to reduce cost.
Tofu Soy Powdered Soy Tofu Mix Purposely formulated from a purpose made soy isolate that allows tofu to be manufactured without the waste and extensive equipment needed when using soy beans.

Fibre Products

Product Description Function / Application
Fibre Bind S Soy Fibre/Protein Fortification for meal and supplement drinks

Kibbles / Grits / Splits

Product Description Function / Application
Soy Raw or Roasted Primary process additive

Graded Grains & Pulses

Product Description Function / Application
Soy Many Varieties Raw or Roasted Right variety, size and processing method to maximize your process performance and yield. Call us today