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Meat Yield Extensions

Sometimes large increases in yields are required for different markets so brines/marinades are added at high levels to increase over all yields.

As a general rule the following ingredients are included in brines for pumping and massaging for highly extended whole muscle products.

Extension Ingredient
0 – 25% Nitrite + Phosphate + salt
25 – 40% Nitrite + Phosphate + salt + carrageenan
40 – 60% Nitrite + Phosphate + salt + carrageenan + protein
60 – 80% Nitrite + Phosphate + salt + carrageenan + protein + starch
  0.015% + 0.3-0.4% + 1.5-2.0% + 0.5%-1.5% + 0-2.0% + 0-2.0%
  • Kappa Carrageenan has a very high water holding and will give a very firm gel, is often used for shaved /sliced ham products
  • Protein can be injection wheat protein or soy protein - beef stock, egg and plasma proteins are also used
  • Starch can be from a range of native or modified starches. Potato and pea starch have the highest water holding for native starch, tapioca, wheat and corn starch have similar water holding capacities
  • Modified starches can provide high water holding and firm gels and give freeze thaw stability
  • Allowances will need to be made for colour, salt, flavour and texture to help retain product eating quality and appearance as the extension increases.

Gateway Products - Proteins for Injection and Massage include:

ISP 928C

Isolated Soy Protein – low viscosity

  • Very high fat emulsification
  • Reduces fat out
  • Improves cook yield
  • Small % added with other protein to enhance fat emulsification
  • Especially good for Skin emulsion / Rind emulsions / Fat emulsions

ISP Dragon Cloud

Isolated Soy Protein

  • Good fat emulsification
  • Good water holding
  • Good gel texture on cooking
  • Reduces fat out
  • Improves cook yield

Vegebind P

Gluten Free cooked Yellow Pea Protein Flour

  • Heat treated for low moisture, low micro
  • Heat treated for colour stability in premixes
  • Injectable or suitable for massage
  • Water binding
  • Hi fat emulsification capacity
  • Improves cook yield
  • High water binding on cooking
  • Starch gel temperature of 65°C

Vegebind P (GF)

Heat Treated Yellow Pea Flour

  • Good fat emulsification
  • Firm gel texture on cooking
  • Reduced fat out
  • Improves cook yield