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Goldiluxe is Yellow Pea flour that can be utilized to replace full fat soy flour in bread and bread improvers. Addressing soy allergens is becoming a big issue in the food industry. Replacing full fat soy flour in bread improvers will address the soy allergen issue and in doing so will reduce the number of allergens within a simple white bread product to one. In Canada and France, Yellow Pea flour is used extensively to replace full fat soy flour on a one for one to 1.5 basis in bread and bread improvers. In addition the lipoxygenase within the enzyme active yellow pea flour aides the bleaching and crumb whitening of bread as well as providing nutrition.

It has been found that inclusion of pea flour at percentages of between five and ten percent in bread and cakes improved the nutritional composition of the bread; increased water absorption and decreased stickiness of the dough; and had no adverse affect on sensory evaluation.

Superior Nutritional Attributes

Low in fat

High in protein

High in dietary fibre

High in vitamins and minerals

Low Glyceamic Index

Non digestible carbohydrates


  • Meets the market demand for added health products.
  • Is not listed in the Food Industry Product Information Form (Version 4.3) as an allergen – to date this product is a Non Allergen.
  • Gluten Free - specialty market
  • When used in conjunction with other cereal grains can form a more complete protein profile.
  • Is grown and manufactured with low environmental impact in comparison to grain products.
  • Product of Australia. Potential for increasing an already high export rate.
  • Already included as an ingredient in other countries – USA, Canadian and EU – bread, bread improvers and bakery products and used extensively in bakery, flat bread and other food products through Asian markets.


Bread improvers: 0.3 – 0.5 %

Bakery products: 5% - 10%

As further work is carried out with Goldiluxe, updates will be supplied on new applications and developments.