Baking Industry

Using Soy Flour

Gateway Products - Soy Flour Applications in the Baking Industry

Soy Flour Full Fat (enzyme active)

Soy Flour Full Fat is utilized in the baking industry as a key ingredient for white bread.

The lipoxigenase enzyme within the enzyme active Soy Flour Full Fat plays a significant role in crumb whitening during the mixing and proofing stages of bread manufacture. The enzyme is inactivated during the baking process.

Soy Flour Full Fat also helps with moisture retention of the baked loaf of bread improving bake yield.

Dosage: Typically 0.5% to 1.0%

Can be added as a separate ingredient to the bread mix but is typically a major component of a bread improver.

Soy Flour Defatted

Soy Flour Defatted is utilized in the baking industry as a key ingredient for cake doughnuts and yeast raise doughnuts.

The high protein within the Soy Flour Defatted creates a doughnut batter matrix that helps reduce the fat uptake during the deep frying cooking process. With reduced fat uptake the cake or yeast raise doughnut is lighter and fluffier, is not greasy and presents a better eating quality.

The Soy Flour Defatted also helps to retain moisture in the cake and yeast raise doughnuts for a better yield and better eating quality.

Dosage: Typically 2.0%