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Ingredients for Gluten Free Baking Applications

Over the years Gluten Free bakery products have been developed and produced for those people with Coeliac Disease to meet consumer demand for equality in choice and range of foods. Adhering to a Gluten Free diet is very difficult due to the types of food products that contain gluten, that is, dietary staples such as breads, cereals and pasta as well as numerous other foods such as sausages, cakes and sauces. The prevalence of Coeliac Disease is steadily increasing over time, as is the amount of people choosing to eat a Gluten Free diet for health reasons (of which there is no proven benefit). As such Gluten Free is becoming a significant category within the Baking Industry and it is imperative that the needs and wants of this population are met with acceptable alternatives.

To date most Gluten Free bakery products have been sub-par due to the limited number of ingredients available for this particular system. In addition, of the ingredients available many are imported and are subject to supply/demand and the pricings that go with these curves. Furthermore, many Gluten Free ingredients are starch based and tend to be lacking in flavour due to the lack of protein to aid Maillard Reaction during the baking process which enhances flavour in the finished product.

Gateway Products have developed a range of new and innovative ingredients for use in Gluten Free bakery products that are enjoyable to eat and can give extra functionality and additional nutrition. Gateway Products are continuing to explore the potential of other grains, pseudo-cereals and pulses to add variety, flavour, nutrition and also import replacement for a more sustainable supply of Australian produced ingredients.

To Date Gateway Products are producing;

Summer Bind  Heat Treated white or red whole grain sorghum flour
Bindaze Fine Heat Treated whole grain white or yellow maize flour
Goldiluxe Yellow pea flour
Soy Flour Full Fat Soy flour full fat, enzyme active
Soy Flour Defatted Soy flour defatted
Chick Pea (Besan) Flour Chick pea flour Roasted or Raw
Kibble and gritted Soy Soy Kibble Roasted or Raw.
Soy Splits Split de-hulled soy bean Roasted or Raw
Soy Crumble Defatted Soy honeycombed crumb great as a Almond meal extender
Vegebind P Low flavour yellow pea flour.