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Bindaze Fine

Innovation in the Baking Industry – Gluten Free

Bindaze Fine

A heat treated white maize flour that shows some interesting functional characteristics for baking applications.

Originally Bindaze Fine was designed for binding applications in meat products such as sausages, but on further studying this product it appears that bakery products may benefits from its use.


Cold Water Holding = approx. 2 to 2.5 times its weight in water holding

Well above normal wheat flour or rice flour

The heat treatment process has given a partial pregelatization to some of the starch which then gives a higher water holding.

This also allows a relatively cohesive dough to be formed on mixing with a dough hook for bread and gluten free breads and flat breads like tortilla.


11.5% protein, higher protein can help provide better flavour profile during maillard reaction in the baking process.
Cohesive dough helps in the use of conventional baking equipment
Gluten Free specialty market
Flavour pleasant slight corn note

As further work is carried out with Bindaze Fine, updates will be supplied on new applications and developments.

Baking Hints

  • Add 20 g corn starch per 150 g Bindaze Fine – to improve smoothness and moisture retention
  • Use Xanthan Gum at 2 g per 150 g Bindaze Fine for cakes and cookies, 4 g per 150 g Bindaze Fine for breads – as a binder and for moisture retention
  • Add extra oil or shortening if recipe is a little dry
  • Add an egg or egg white to improve smoothness and crumb structure
  • Add extra baking powder to boost rising properties
  • Mix longer than conventional wheat flours