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Replace Soy Isolate and Potato Starch

Gluten Free Pea Protein / Fibre / Starch for the Meat Industry

Gateway Products have developed new GLUTEN FREE Pea Protein / Starch for the meat industry.

This product is produced through our Gluten Free production facility in Toowoomba, Qld


VEGEBIND P is a processed yellow pea ingredient specially prepared for food industry applications. VEGEBIND P is a Gluten Free protein / starch and can be applied in manufactured meats, bakery products and general food products. VEGEBIND P provides an excellent source of protein with a balanced amino acid profile plus has good water binding and fat emulsification functionality.

Functional Attributes

Water Holding-Cold is 1 Vegebind P : 3 water, Cooked is 1 : 10

Fat emulsification- Effectively emulsified 5 X

Gellation-very firm gel at 1 : 7, forms a firm short gel. Starch gellation occurs at 65°C

Applications and Typical Dosage

Emulsified Meat Systems (EMS) - 1 to 3%

Ground Meats, meat patties, meat balls - 1 to 3%

Whole Muscle Meat Systems (WMS) - 0.5 to 1%

Replacement of Soy Protein and Potato Starch

e.g. Typical recipes for Frankfurters and Luncheon meats contain approx. 2% Isolated Soy Protein and 4% Potato Starch. By replacing the Soy Protein and Potato Starch with 6% Vegebind P, the functionality of the Vegebind P will provide the same if not better quality and demonstrates excellent fat emulsification, water holding and gelation at a cost IMPROVEMENT.

General applications and benefits

  • Gluten Free
  • Replacement vegetable protein and starches with one ingredient
  • Replacement of potato starch
  • Non GMO
  • Australian produced and therefore shorter lead time compared to imported ingredients
  • Not subject to currency fluctuations
  • Replace other vegetables and starches
  • Cost effective