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Replace TVP

Introducing Soy Crumble Replacing TVP Toasted Textured Soy

Description and Applications

Soy Crumble is a low fat heat treated/toasted soy product that has a great nutty taste and textural characteristics and can be utilized in a range of applications;

Benefits as a Soy TVP Replacer

Soy Crumble

  Soy Crumble Soy TVP
Water Holding 3:1 3:1
Water Hydration 5 minutes Several hours to being held overnight in coolroom
Fat Emulsification 5 times
Stabilizes fat in a 1:5;
5 emulsion system
Soy crumble: water: fat
Nil fat emulsification
Product of Australia Yes  

Other areas of Use;

Soy Crumble

Food Coating Great crunch and golden colour on deep or shallow frying and baking
Emulsified Meat Fat stabilization in sausages, smallgoods and manufactured meat products
Sauce texture Nutty type texture for sauces, e.g. Peanutless sate sauces
Stuffing Mixes Good water holding and texture in chicken stuffings and sausage rolls